Dealing with What is… Even When it is Not What We Want it to Be…

The Co-Regulation Effect

By Kate Double, MSW, LCSW What is Co-regulation? Maya Angelou stated, “People won’t remember what you said, they won’t remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel”.  How you made them feel.  Co-regulation.  Your nervous system meets my nervous system, and a new nervous system is created between us. Have […]

The Myth of Positive Thinking

  By Kate Double, MSW, LCSW What if We Change The Narrative? Humans have been equipped with not only the capacity for abstract thought, but with a range of powerful and fabulous and frightening emotions.  We are able to feel happy, joyous, gleeful, surprised, sad, devastated, aggrieved, pained, confused, overwhelmed… and so much more.  And [...]
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Making the Most of Teletherapy

By Adrienne Alden-LMFT and Registered Yoga Teacher Teletherapy has quickly gained popularity in the time of social distancing.  In some cases, teletherapy has been in use for some time now.  Some feel unsure of online therapy, but most have found it to be better than expected.   We at Relationship Restoration have found a few [...]
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What is Yoga Sex Therapy?

By Adrienne Alden-LMFT and Registered Yoga Teacher Integrating yoga into sex therapy allows clients to experience and practice safe and fun touch without the pressure of having to perform sexually.   Part of the difficulty of psychological sexual struggles is that they manifest in the body.  Our bodies respond to beliefs, memories, and interactions in ways […]

Male Performance Anxiety

by Lauren Campbell In my practice, I regularly see people who are struggling with anxiety.  However, my male clients commonly struggle with performance anxiety.  This type of anxiety can happen in men of absolutely any age and can result from various factors. Cultural pressure in our pornified world where men are portrayed as always ready, […]

Sex and Mindfulness

by Adrienne Alden People can have beautifully connected relationships and miss the physical expression of it by being adrift in thought.  Mindfulness is a skill that can be cultivated in various ways to help a person be in the here and now and feel the physical expression of love intended for them.  Mindfulness can be […]