Lauren Campbell

MA, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meet Our Therapist!

Lauren Campbell is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker who specializes in sex therapy and relationship/couples counseling. She has a deep understanding of how people get stuck in different areas of their lives. She helps her clients get unstuck and learn productive and sustainable ways to improve their relationships. Lauren believes that the strength of any relationship derives from each individual’s abilities to balance togetherness with autonomy. To balance emotional intimacy with sexual intimacy.

Whether an individual, couple, or family, she creates room for people to strengthen and grow. People contact Lauren to address sexual issues such as change in sexual desire, differences in libido, affair recovery or infidelity, sexual and performance anxiety, past trauma, pelvic disorders, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, body image and self-esteem issues, body changes due to health issues, and simply wanting to feel empowered in their sexuality. As these issues can be complicated, Lauren helps her clients gently peel back layers of their relationships and histories in challenging but not overwhelming ways. With this approach Lauren finds people make the most progress, and progress that is sustainable throughout their lives.

Lauren’s focus around sex and couples/relationship therapy stems from her training in family systems, attachment, psychodynamic, emotionally focused and mindfulness based approaches. She understands that many people are uncertain how to move through relational and sexual issues. These can be hot topics to discuss, but Lauren ensures that everyone feels comfortable and safe in her office. Her clients say that after the very first session they feel incredibly comfortable and feel motivated to continue their work.

Lauren works with adolescents and families as well, helping improve parent-child and sibling dynamics. She believes supporting each individual within the family unit will strengthen the family system altogether, enabling children to learn more effective coping skills in facing emotional challenges, and the adults to focus more on their intimate relationships and work/life balance.

With her innate empathy and over ten years of experience, Lauren is more than ready to treat a range of issues. She uses approaches geared specifically to each person that are well researched, evidence based, and shown to be most effective. She will work to meet you wherever you are, from your very first session and throughout your journey. Her support and guidance are unwavering in meeting the needs of her clients.

Lauren graduated from the nationally accredited university of Binghamton in New York. She has gained experience in working with individuals, couples, and families in both New York and North Carolina. Lauren has trained in the areas of sex therapy, couples therapy, mindfulness approaches, and currently is working towards a neuroscience based approach to treat anxiety, and a trauma based yoga certification.