Sex Therapy

Sex therapy may be used in conjunction with couples therapy or individual therapy as sexuality is a part of every human being. This is a journey where we help our clients restore a more connected sense of their physical bodies and sexual feelings. Each individual or couple can address any sexual concern, and strengthen intimacy inside and outside the bedroom.

Many of us feel embarrassed or anxious to bring up sexual issues or concerns. We may worry about upsetting our partner, or not feel confident in how to discuss our specific desires. We understand these challenges exist, and will hear each individual preference and expectation to help build and maintain a more exciting connection.

We provide a supportive space for each partner to openly process difficult thoughts and feelings around sex. Sexuality is explored within the broader scope of a client’s history. Childhood development and socialization, family and cultural environment, and emotional and sexual experiences all contribute to a person’s perception of their own and of others’ sexualities. We understand that many layers make up a person’s sexuality, and are able to identify and work through any barriers that may prevent a person from experiencing their own authentic sexual selves. We understand the importance of sexual health, and are aware that underlying pieces such as past trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, and many previous or ongoing factors can contribute to sexual problems.

Sexual health is important and we are aware that underlying pieces such as past trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression and many previous or ongoing factors can contribute to sexual problems.

  • pelvic disorders such as dyspareunia, vaginismus, vestibulitis
  • vaginal and hormonal changes due to health issues, menopause or childbirth
  • sexual desire changes
  • body image issues
  • gender transitioning
  • erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation
  • mis-matching libidos
  • infidelity
  • compulsive sexual behaviors including pornography
  • Partner support for compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Anorgasmia
  • Sexual technique
  • Sexual or performance anxiety
  • Premarital education
  • dating after divorce or break up
  • inhibited arousal
  • seduction
  • general sexual anxiety
  • Sexual health and STI education
  • Non-monogamy and kink lifestyles
  • Lack of attraction
  • Sexual changes due to cancers (breast, prostate, etc.)
  • Talking to kids about healthy sex and sexuality
  • Issues related to sexual orientation
  • Post-partum difficulties
  • Q&A session for your curiosity or peace of mind


Sexuality encompasses various behaviors and ways of connecting. How sexual intimacy is fostered varies from person to person, and may occur in different ways at different stages of a person’s life. A change in desire or libido does not mean you need to hit the panic button, or that you or your partner have to feel that something is majorly wrong. Changes in preferences, biology, sensation, and many other aspects of sexuality are likely to shift throughout our lives. Helping our clients navigate these changes is imperative in sustaining the longevity of a happy sexual life.

Sex Therapy at Relationship Restoration Raleigh