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Faith-Based Counseling

Relationship Restoration therapists are open to all faiths and levels of spirituality. We recognize that any belief we have strongly influences each of us in our day to day living; they are the lenses of how we understand and process pain and suffering as well as healing and connection.

Whether seeking individual, couple or family therapy, we help clients meet their goals in line with their faith beliefs; healing any type of relationship.

We also offer premarital counseling for couples who are wanting to identify areas of their relationship that may cause substantial conflict if left unattended. Many of our therapists are certified in PREPARE-ENRICH, an empirically based assessment tool used in premarital sessions to strengthen and enhance relationships.

Often on our life journey, there are times of doubt and uncertainty; we may be unsure of our beliefs. At Relationship Restoration, we offer a non-judgmental space to explore freely and struggle through the unknown. In addition, individual therapy through a faith-based lens can lend itself to other struggles in life such as finding purpose, choosing a partner, forgiveness, grief/loss etc.

If your faith is central in your life and you are seeking a therapist who is knowledgeable, respectful, sensitive and affirming, Relationship Restoration therapists confidently pledge to walk alongside you in your journey.

Faith-Based Counseling at Relationship Restoration