Affair Recovery

Discovering an affair is one of the most devastating moments in a relationship.   The sense of betrayal and confusion can be deeply disorienting.  We often hear the partner discovering an affair state that their entire life feels like a lie.  Affairs can be physical, emotional, text based, or involve a pornography or other sexual compulsion.

Relationships can survive affairs and often times be more fulfilling after deep vulnerability is established!  A therapist can help to fine a path to healing when those involved cannot and guide a couple forward in crisis after the affair is discovered. The first steps after a discovery are some of the most crucial! Our therapists have worked with countless relationships after affairs and understand the most effective ways to structure support in the intense moments of the aftermath.

The couple and therapist will work together to decide if a new relationship together is possible.  Therapy after an affair can help couples understand what led to the infidelity, what the affair meant and strive for healing, leaving the couple in a newly found relationship.  The couple will work towards transparency, truth, emotional connection and forgiveness followed by how to “affair-proof” the relationship for the future.

Affair Recovery at Relationship Restoration