Family Therapy

It can be wonderful to have an objective point of view.  The therapist cares about each family member’s individual health and works to be objective.  They can help translate harsh words so their underlying meaning can be understood.  An observation from outside the family system can be made openly without fear of familial retribution. Family members can more easily hear the message without emotional interference. The family therapist will look to help each family member understand their part in the family struggle.  The therapist wants each family member to understand how they are contributing to the problem and get out of their own way.

Who comes to family therapy?

Parents and children (younger children, teenagers, or adult children)

Siblings of all ages

Couples and in-laws

Grieving Families

Families in transition

Blended families

Family members looking to reconcile after a long period of being cut off

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Families coping with health issues

Families coping with mental health issues and addiction

Family members managing elder care

Families recovering from trauma and abuse

Family Counseling at Relationship Restoration